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The GlobalHello Story…

Who is GlobalHello?

Your Partner in Communication, today & tomorrow.

GlobalHello LLC was founded in the year 2009 at Delaware, USA and has been on an epic ride ever since.

We started our journey with the primary focus on the Telecom space. The Telecommunication revolution had just about started gaining momentum at that time and we, at GlobalHello, quickly recognized the importance and impact this could make to lives of every single common man.

Our first maiden venture started with VoIP based International calling service, which was designed for, and targeted specially to the people looking for low cost reliable calling solutions for making international calls rather than buying calling cards and getting robbed in the markets of The US & Canada.

In the year 2010-11 we entered into the Asian market through Hong Kong with the group company named GlobalHello LLC Limited and in a short span of time, we expanded our operations to Singapore and Australia. Now, this venture is our Global Business Aggregation & Sourcing platform for the Group companies across the globe.

GlobalHello LLC Limited, in the year 2012 became the first International VoIP Long Distance service company to get the TIO (Telecom Industry Ombudsman) member status in Australia. We are also a TCP Code Compliant company, safeguarding every right of Australian consumers by offering unparalleled services and astounding customer support. GlobalHello is also a part of COMMCOM which is the telecom compliance regulator in Australia created by ACMA (Australian Communication & Media Authority, Australia).

In 2012, GlobalHello also launched its International VoIP calling services in Singapore through its group Company GlobalHello Pte. Limited. The Company has acquired a SBO (INDIVIDUAL) License from the regulatory body IDA (Infocomm Development Authority, Singapore).

The year 2013 saw GlobalHello entering into yet another niche area by launching Global & Country Specific SIM cards for International travelers from India under the company GlobalHello Private Limited.

2014 became the benchmark year for the group when GlobalHello launched Mobile Phone Handsets & Accessories specially focusing on the desires of low and medium class segment customers.

Why GlobalHello?

The Company has extensive know-how and a proven track record of over 8 years in the telecommunication market, serving more than 100 Thousand customers in over 16 countries. Our international customer base consists of mixed user profiles which include individuals and private enterprises at large for the portfolio of VoIP based international calling services that we offer.

What sets us Apart?

GlobalHello, leveraging its over 8 years successful track record and its strong international presence in 5 countries, is ideally positioned to benefit from a new era of growth in the various markets it serves. Our proven service delivery capabilities in the Global Market are unequalled in this underserved market.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision:
To convert, GlobalHello into a well-known and highly effective corporation exceptionally recognized for its ingenuity, innovation, commitment to excellence, client focus and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission:
To offer the finest VoIP technology and telecommunication services to the global customers.

Our Values:

  • Professionalism: We regularly seek customer feedback and act upon it. We create customer friendly procedures and always respect deadlines.
  • Respect: We hold strong values in business and fully respect our customers, associates, and community.
  • Innovation: We are innovative and informative regarding interesting new ideas in this industry and the explicit market needs in a responsive chain.
  • Integrity: We believe in being honest, ethical to everyone we interact with.
  • Commitment: Our diversity and unity brings commitment to our relationships within our company, and to our customers.

Our Team & Work Culture

With the strength of more than 150 young, dynamic and vibrant people, Globalhello has achieved several milestones and plans to achieve many more in the days to come. The team combination of experienced, young and vibrant people full of zest and driven by the urge to succeed and be the best, has always helped in achieving targets.

Our Team is motivated and empowered with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills with initiative and leadership quality. Team lays emphasis on creativity, innovation, achievement and excellence.

Our people are trained to be open and honest with Customers & Business Associates. We always look for new and better ways to improve our business relationships. With our continued success and hard work, our vision has become reality!