We use high efficiency with guaranteed power output tolerance polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels to get maximum power output even in diffused light conditions.
These panels manufactured in highly automated state of the art facilities to ensure the highest quality for longevity and optimal performance in the most challenging circumstances. These solar panels are manufactured as per IEC standard and tested as per MNRE specifications and compatible with all the latest version inverters and mounting systems.
The panels have 10 year limited product workmanship warranty, 10 years limited performance warranty of not less than 90% of the nominal power and 25 years power warranty for performance of not less than 80% of the nominal power. There are different size modules available as per their varied capacity ranging from 10-300watts with the module efficiency 10.2-15.5% and cell efficiency 15.6-17.2% presently.


We offer a complete product range of solar string inverters from the capacity of 1-5 KW in single and 5- 500 KW in three phases under various models, features and technical specification to cater home, commercial and utility requirements. The solar inverter converts electrical energy (DC) generated by solar panels to acceptable form (AC) to run electrical devices. These inverters are intelligent control equipment’sof the solar power generation systems in conjunction with the monitoring systems. .

The central inverters are suitable for the large scale of utility scale plant from 250KW to 1MW. These inverters are based on technologically sophisticated drive technology with maximum efficiency of 98.0% and compatible with all types of solar modules. The state -of the -art touch -screen display, user configurable interface and easy to maintain are key features in the systems. These inverters are certified to IEC standards for energy efficiency, environmental, IP 65, safety, Ant islanding, utility interface and EMI/EMC standards etc..

Central Inverters – Grid Tied:

grid-tie or grid interactive solar string inverters are available with the capacity of 1-5 KW in single and 5-60KW in three phase. These string inverters are in compact design without transformer with LCD display. The MPPT efficiency is 99.0% and maximum efficiency is 98.0%.

The main features include wide voltage and frequency range for grid synchronization and optional remote monitoring through GPRS/ Wi-Fi Kit. All products are certified by international standards.

Grid Tied Inverters - Hybrid

The grid-tie inverter with battery backup or Hybrid string Inverters are available in the capacity of 1-5 KW single and 10 KW in three phase with 12-48 VDC. The main features includes priority setup means it can be programmed supply priority for solar , battery or grid ,user adjustable charging current and voltage ,pure sine wave output , local consumption and export to grid , parallel operation up to 6 unit and SNMP & GPRS communication etc. All products are certified by international standards.

Off Grid Solar Inverters

The off grid solar inverters are available in the capacity from 1to 100 KVA with or without battery. The main features include MPPT based charge controller, battery low buzzer indication, efficiency from 92-95%,LCD display , protections , data logging for three days and all standard compliance along with MNRE approval.

Solar MPPT Charge Controller

TA solar charge controller embedded with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm to maximize the amount of current going in to the battery from PV module. This charger takes DC input from PV module, charging it to AC and converting it back to a different DC voltage and current to exactly match the PV module to the battery.
The main features include intelligent battery management by load shedding, automatic battery voltage recognition and over-temperature protection and power de-rating when temperature is high etc.

On Line UPS

We offers wide range of UPS mainly for PC, workstation & home AV ranging from 600 to 2000VA, Network & server from 700VA to 30 KVA, Data center and facility from 15 to 1100 KVA to cater all requirements in each and every sector from home to business.
The Line-interactive UPS protects critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption caused by power fluctuations and outages. These UPS are one of the best in their category and premium level efficiency cuts utility cost, and with double conversion topology there are no compromise in reliability.


There are two type of batteries available in the market ,one of them is which can be used once before it gets totally discharged and other one is rechargeable and can be used multiple time by recharging it externally. The deep cycle battery is rechargeable and capable of surviving prolonged, repeated and deep discharges.

Solar Street Lights

Solar Pump

The solar water pump range starts from 1 HP to 15 HP and operation hours are during daytime, when it is needed the most.
Solar pumps are not dependent on Grid or DG set and free from voltage fluctuations, feeder damage, power cut, rate hikes etc.

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